Foreign Version Pricing


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Yearly Subscription Fee

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Yearly Subscription Fee
Local Currency Ringgit Malaysia Local Currency Ringgit Malaysia
singapore Singapore Version S$190 RM555 $380 RM1,110
thailand Thailand Version THB3000 RM365 THB6000 RM730
vietnam Vietnam Version VND1.9m RM365 VND3.8m RM730
indonesia Indonesia Version IDR1.2m RM365 IDR2.4m RM730
europe Europe Version € 130 RM590 € 260 RM1,180
US United Stated Version USD145 RM590 USD290 RM1,180

  1. All version support multi-currencies but having default currency of the respective country
  2. Only PayPal payment gateway is integrated for foreign currency, additional payment gateway can be added at no additional cost, please provide us the documentation provided by your payment gateway.
  3. Other functionality in the software is the same as Malaysia version.
  4. Our Tax Invoice for your order will be issue based on Malaysia Ringgit.