Frequently Asked Questions

All supposed to be commonly asked in some context.

General FAQ

Q : What is MyBizCart?

A : MyBizCart is a Cloud-based e-Commerce shopping cart solution. Anyone regardless of their IT knowledge can sell and collect payment from customers easily.

Q: Do I need my own domain name?

A: MyBizCart Cloud Edition is operation with or without domain name. However, if you want to use email functionality, you need a domain name. The domain name price starts from RM50 for a .com and RM70 for domain. Please refer to Domain page for more info.

If you have your own domain name, your client can access your page from however if you do not have a domain name, we will allocate a sub-domain under for you, example

Q: Besides the subscription fees, is there any other hidden charges like installation fee, etc?
A: No, there is no hidden charges. Installation and activation is absolutely free.
Q: Can the subscription be transferred to other company or entity?

A: The software license is on per domain basis. The license is attached permanently to the domain name where MyBizCart is installed.  There will be no issue with changing a company name as long as you keep your domain name, however if you change your domain name, you need to input your data all over again the same like new account setup.

Q: I have questions on the software usage, who should I contact?

A: You can always contact our helpdesk.  Please submit support ticket at  Our support team working 12 hours per day from 9am to 9pm and 7 days a week.

Promotion & Features FAQ

Q : Does MyBizCart accept cash voucher?
A : Yes, it supports cash voucher and you can choose to apply the voucher to a certain product (for eg HP LasetJet 1120) or to product category (eg LaserJet Printer Category).
Q: What is Refine Search?

A: This is product filtering technology that helps your clients to get their desired search result faster. Refine Search will only show the result that are relevant based on user’s criteria. For eg user may only interested in product from certain particular brand or certain price range. This can be easily done with Refine Search.  Refine Search is useful for merchant with large product database and this features is only available within MyBizCart Premium

Q: How does QuickTrack function work?

A: The main objective of QuickTrack function is to allowed your customers to do self-tracking on their order status, right from the website without the hassle of picking the phone to call your support staff. Your customer will need to enter system generated order number in order to do the tracking.

Q: Some of the features doesn't fit my requirement, can I request changes/modification.

A: Unfortunately No. But you can always get our team to quote you for a customized package that meet your requirement.

Payment FAQ

Q: Can I accept US Dollars or Singapore Dollar?

A: MyBizCart supports multi-currencies so you can accept multiple currencies of your choices.

Q: Can I change the default currency

A:  No, default currency is pre-set based on country, for example Malaysia version will have MYR as default currency.  If you need USD or SGD as default currency you may need to purchase US version or Singapore version respectively.

Q : What payment gateway does MyBizCart support?

A : Currently MyBizCart support Paypal, ipay88, eGHL and MOLPay payment gateway.

Q: Can I request for customization on Payment Gateway on my Choice

A:  Yes, payment gateway can be customized free or with a small fee, please let us know the type of payment gateway you wanted to customize so we can quote you accordingly.

Support & Technical FAQ

Q: Can I install the software in my own server?

A: No, that’s not allowed. The software is on subscription based and therefore it runs from our central server. This allows us to keep track and manage the subsciptions easily.

Q : Do I need to download and the software to my computer in order to use it?

A : You don’t have to. MyBizCart is a fully hosted web-based cloud solution. Once you subscribed to one of MyBizCart plans, you will be given User ID and Password to access the software.

Q: What are the server requirements to install the software?

A: The software runs from Cloud server and therefore the requirements have been taken care off. We aim to make it as simple as possible and remove unnecessary hassles so that you don’t have to deal with it.

Q: I am using both Windows and a Mac Laptop. Does it compatible with your software?

A: MyBizCart is a Cloud-based software, so compatibility isn’t an issue. All you need is a web browser (eg Firefox, Chrome, IE) and an active internet connection, it doesn’t matter what operating systems you are running on your computer.

Q: Since the software is hosted at your server, can you guarantee there is no downtime whatsoever?

A: We are using Cloud server, your are assure with the reliable and powerful server to run the software. Having said that, there are many factors why downtime occured and no doubt in certain cases, the downtime is beyond our control. Such instances could be resulted from data center failure which we do not managed. However, our track record speaks for itself. We have an excellent uptime record for over 15 years in business and it’s been one of our priorities since we venture into hosting business.

Q: Can I use the hosting to install other 3rd party software?

A: In order to make sure our shopping cart is always secured, and to protect the interest of all our customers, we do not allowed any third party software to be installed.

Q: Can I create my own email account under the domain name that I pointed to your server?

A: Yes, your account will come with complimentary email hosting.  Depending on MyBizCart Plan that you subscribe, you may get 10GB to 20GB of email hosting with unlimited email address.

Q: Do you backup my data?

A: We perform daily scheduled backup of the data and store it for 30 days before recycle it.

Q: If my data corrupted due to your server failure, will you help to recover the data back to original state?

A: This never happen before. We use only high-end quality server and never compromise on server’s performance and uptime that could affect our customers’ business. However, in the unlikely event should the server fails due to external factors which is beyond our control, rest assured that we will recover the software and your data back to the original state on the best effort basis so that you can be up and running again with minimal interruption. (*backup on best effort basis whereby we will upload the last backup we have in our storage)

Q: I am currently using other 3rd party shopping cart solutions and plan to swith over to MyBizCart. Can data in my existing shopping cart be transferred over?

A: Unfortunately No. The database structure is different and therefore it is impossible to import from one system to another. Depending on the total number of products that you currently have, the best possible way is to upload the product manually and this only take one-time effort.

Q: I am currently subscribed to MyBizCart Standard version and plan to upgrade to MyBizCart Premium some time next month, do I need re-subscribe to new plan from your website and do the data migration myself?

A: No, you can upgrade to higher plan anytime. No data migration is required as the system reside within the same server, so there is absolutely hassle-free process. Please contact us if you have any questions via helpdesk.

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